Using the masks

Purpose of the mask

These are not medical-grade FFP masks. They are for ‘normal people’, for everyday use, not for medical professionals with constant exposure to the virus. If you’re not a medical professional, or in constant exposure, and you have certified FFP2 masks, please offer them to doctors or hospitals in your neighbourhood. They need it more than you.

Corona precautions

The mouth masks are part of a strategy of prevention. They need to be combined with social distancing, regular hand washing and staying home when you have symptoms.

Wearing the cotton masks

The masks consist of 2 layers of cotton, with a pocket in between. When wearing it, you should put an extra filter in the space between the layers. This can be a double piece of kitchen paper, vacuum cleaner bag … Its purpose is to filter the smallest droplets of infected saliva.

Throw this extra filter away after every use. Wash your mask after every use if you want to wear it more than once a week.

Put your mask on and pull in the center up and down, so the mask stretches and covers your mouth, chin and nose completely.

Washing them

Wash them with hand or in the machine. Iron them on the ‘cotton’ setting. The soap and heat will take care of Corona particles.